New vs. Reman Brass

Most of you know by now that remanufactured ammo is a great way for customers to save money on the shooting sports. There are pros and cons of using reman and hopefully I'll answer everything you're wondering about it here. If not, post a comment and we'll get your questions answered.

In the remanufacturing process, we take a piece of fired brass, run it through equipment that tests each casing for any defect, hairline crack, or anything that would affect the integrity of the brass. Brass that passes inspection is then full-length resized, swaged and pre-primed for loading. All other components used in the assembly of the round are the exact same whether the round is loaded in new brass or reconditioned brass. The end performance is identical.

On the rifle side of the house, we load all of our long-range precision items in solely new brass. The reason for this is that in rifle brass, the brass volume is often massively different between different manufacturers. So, if we loaded a precision rifle round in brass manufactured by Federal, then put the exact same load in brass manufactured by Jagemann, we would see a drastically different performance and velocity when we send those rounds down range. We think the drawbacks of loading these items in reman brass far outweigh the financial benefit, so we choose to load them in the most uniform way possible.

Though we offer more products in new brass, our remanufactured stuff is what we produce in the most volume. Training programs and law enforcement agencies nationwide use exclusively the remanufactured products because the cost savings is so good. 

How do your customers know which is which?

All of our products made in new brass will have a camo feature on the box. It also indicates that it is loaded in Factory New brass on the label. Remanufactured items are packaged in brown (kraft) chipboard boxes and will indicate Factory Remanufactured on the label.

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