"If it fits, it ships" DOES NOT apply to firearm chambers

This week, we received a call from a distraught customer that was having "failure after failure" with some 6.5 Grendel from an outside manufacturer. The customer was quick to blame the Russian-made brand, indicating the cheap steel casings were his cause of repeated failure. 
Our team was eager to help, even though this wasn't our product, we could hear the man's frustration and utter defeat. 

He explained that the primers were blowing out and the casing was "just disintegrating" with every shot. 

We had the hunch that he must have home-built and AR, like many do, and he may have had some assembly problems. Trying to help him work through it, we asked about his build.

"Build?," he says. "Lord, I didn't build this. It's older than I am. This gun is from WWI."

When asked what caliber the rifle was chambered in, he says, "It says 6.5 Jap, but I read online that 6.5 Grendel was the same thing".

Problem solved. Don't trust everything you read on the internet.

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