5.56 77gr Sierra Match King

5.56 77gr Sierra Match King

Over the years, our 77gr 5.56 has become one of our flagship rounds. It's loaded with a Sierra Hollow Point Boat Tail, and is nearly identical to the military's MK262 round or the IMI Razorcore. This round is absolutely adored by long range competition shooters because of its consistent sub MOA performance. The projectile profile with a ballistic coefficient of .372 is best appreciated out of a barrel with a 1:7 twist and has a maximum effective range of about 700 meters.

Though the intention of this bullet is for precision shooting, it is extremely destructive on soft tissue. It is explosive on impact with a gel block, which makes it very difficult to recover the entire projectile. Though it's very effective on deer, it will undoubtedly ruin your meat. 

For anyone interested in precision shooting, this is a great round to get into the art. 

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